Notice from the ARC Council – June 2017


Hi everyone,

A notice for you all from the ARC Council, following the ARC AGM earlier this month.

Thanks to everyone who attended the recent AGM in Sydney. We regret to advise that Charm Watts has resigned from Council. We thank her for years of service as both a general Council member and in recent years as Vice President. We’ll miss her drive and enthusiasm, and would like to especially acknowledge her role in delivering the conference in Melbourne in 2012 and the 2016 conference in Sydney. She’s also been fundamental in the development of the website.

Following the AGM, we’re pleased to announce that Julie Banks is the new ARC Vice President and we welcome Alison Brennan and Shannon Hutchinson to Council. We’re additionally delighted to report that all other existing Council members were re-elected.

Please take this notice as a reminder to check you have a current membership, as the next edition of the journal will be sent to members in the coming weeks. If it doesn’t arrive, then chances are your membership has lapsed.

The ARC Council also wish to advise members that due to banking processing fees (especially those relating to credit card payments), membership rates will increase by $10 as of the 1st July 2017.


Greg Hunter
Archivist/Collections Registrar @