ARC Survey 2017 – have your say!


Hi everyone,

In order to ensure that we serve your needs as well as we possibly can, the Australasian Registrars Committee is inviting our members (and the wider registrar/collections community) to participate in a short survey. This is the first time we have conducted such a survey, and we’d love to get your feedback, so please do take a few minutes to get in touch and let us know what you think.

The survey can be accessed here:

There are nine questions, and responses may be completely anonymous if you so wish. We want to hear both the good and the bad, so please hit us with everything you’ve got! Please share this link with any colleagues who may be interested in participating, as well – the more data that we can get, the better.

To give you a little motivation to complete the survey, we have a PRIZE on offer that will be awarded to one lucky recipient. Angela Kipp and the team at Rowman and Littlefield have very kindly given us a copy of Angela’s recent publication, ‘Managing Previously Unmanaged Collections: A Practical Guide for Museums’, to give away to one of our members. This text is “a step-by-step guide” on how to deal with one of the greatest collection headaches, “assuming that there’s nothing to start with but a collection that has to be accessioned and the person who is assigned to do it. It is about how to bring order into the chaos, to define what is needed in terms of time, money, staff and material, to spot facility issues and potential dangers, and to use the power of networking to solve an otherwise unsolvable task.” Sounds good, right?

In order to enter the draw to win, just complete the survey and enter your email address at the end – best of luck!  (Note: if you wish to complete the survey anonymously and not enter the prize draw, please just leave this field blank when submitting your survey.)

The survey will close on Wednesday September 6th, with the prize draw conducted shortly afterwards. Thank you in advance for helping us to help you!

Best wishes,

Greg (on behalf of the Australasian Registrars Committee)