The Art Newspaper ‘Moving Stories’ Magazine 2019

Good afternoon all,

Some interesting Friday reading is now available for you collections folk. The Art Newspaper and Momart have collaborated to produce their third magazine, which is all about art transport – see below!


Since 2016, The Art Newspaper has created three magazines in association with Momart, including the comprehensive International Fair Report in 2016 and the Sculpture 2017 publication. For this third collaboration, The Art Newspaper has chosen to explore in depth one of the areas of the art world in which we are most active: the movement of art, in all its forms.

Charting the travels of works of art across the globe and through the centuries, the Moving Stories magazine will highlight the fascinating and often surprising ways that art has moved between places.

Find out how Renaissance princes would take works with them when they travelled, as tokens of prestige; how Baroque courts would dispatch paintings overseas to boast of dynastic power and glory; how famous works have taken curious trips in their eventful lives; and how movement and travel are at the core of some artists’ practice today. Punctuating the magazine are individual case studies that go behind the scenes of some of our most memorable and complex art logistics projects.

The Moving Stories magazine will be included with The Art Newspaper’s February issue.


And in even better news, you can register for a complimentary digital copy of Moving Stories through Momart’s website – click here!