ARC: The Next 30

Hi everyone,

For the upcoming 2020 ARC Conference, we will be running a session in which we’d like to get your thoughts on the future direction of the ARC. What would you like to see the ARC do, and become?

Ahead of the conference, we’d love to hear your thoughts, and invite you to send through your thoughts and ideas for discussion with your peers at the conference. To give your input, please go here:

Or, scan the following with your device:

Note: The app for the upcoming conference will include the ability to vote/like submitted questions and thoughts for this session. So, even if  you don’t have any particular ideas yourself, please do cast your vote in relation to the ideas of others, so that we know which things our members most want to hear about!

Many thanks,

Greg, on behalf of the ARC Council

Greg Hunter
Archivist/Collections Registrar @