ARC Council update – June 2020

Dear ARC members and supporters,

On behalf of the ARC Council I would like to thank you for your ongoing support through membership and messages of support. 2020 has been a challenging year with the pandemic forcing us into new ways of life and many associated challenges.

Over the past year we have been working on a new structure for council. Many of the previous roles remain, with the addition of social media, website, sponsorship and events roles to further enhance our work and what we can achieve. This was implemented at the AGM that took place on June 16, 2020. Our goal is to ensure we can provide even greater opportunities and support to our members.

At the AGM we said goodbye to Robyn Hovey, Aston Gibbs, Lauren Dalla and Jenna Blyth. A sincere thank you from all of council for your years of hard work and leadership in the industry.

Gina Irish made the hard decision to stand down as President, whilst remaining on council to support us through this transition period – thank you Gina!


We also welcome new faces to council, please say hello to Jude Savage, Caitlin Lawler, Sheryn Smith, Lilian Yong and Lauren McAlary.

Following these changes, we have implemented a new structure for the ARC Council which can be viewed here.

Finally, we are reviewing the ARC constitution to bring it up to date with how the council runs, and to better support our members and the goals of the council. We will share updates with you in the coming months.


Be safe,


Julia Mackay


Australasian Registrars Committee

Julia Mackay
Registrar, Exhibitions and Collections @ Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences
Greg Hunter
Archivist/Collections Registrar @