IAL/ARC – Future Collaborations in 2024

Dear ARC Members, 

It is with great delight that the ARC council writes to you with the possibility of developing and engaging with the Institute of Art and Law (IAL) to provide courses for ARC members in 2024.

Previous IAL sessions run in 2019 were well attended and supported by ARC members, with a wait list for both sessions.

Overall feedback from attendees was that IAL lecturers were well informed and presented content to a high standard. They engaged well with students.


Overall, the outcomes from the surveys carried out at the conclusion of both the Diplomas in 2019 were:

  • Sessions run on gifts v loans were found to be most valuable and applicable to the work of ARC members. 
  • Presentations on repatriation and dealing with indigenous material were of high interest to ARC members.
  • Understanding Intellectual Property and how that relates to management of indigenous collections and artists was highly valued.
  • Contract management and understanding legal requirements for collection management was given a high rating.
  • Indigenous rights and bailment were topics attendees wished to learn about further
  • Intellectual Property and Copyright were given a neutral rating across both diplomas, though noting presentations were informative and applicable to work in the sector.


The below are some options that IAL and the ARC council have discussed, for 2024:

One day

  • Refresher course for Intellectual Property


Two days

  • Refresher course for Diploma in Collection Management for previous students
  • Refresher course for Diploma in Intellectual Property and Collections for previous students
  • Collections in the 21st Century – looking at NFTs, AI, street art and sustainable heritage

Three days

  • Diploma in Intellectual Property and Collections

Five days

  • Diploma in Collection Management

From surveys and correspondence in 2019, ARC members were agreeable to travelling for courses and both diplomas had high wait lists.

What we need from you:

If you are keen to see these courses go ahead or have any further suggestions to potential course content that would benefit you, please contact the ARC council through the following email:

[email protected]

At this stage, we would be looking to run the courses (whatever the selection ends up being) in the first half of 2024. Venue options are still being sourced by the ARC council. 






Caitlin Lawler
Assistant Registrar @ Museum of Old and New Art