The Australian Registrars Committee (ARC) was founded in Canberra at the CAMA (Council of Australian Museums Association) ConferenceĀ on 21 November 1990.

The establishment of ARC revolutionised the registration profession in Australia by representing and promoting the professional role of registrars in museums. For the first time registration was recognised as an integral component within an institution and the profession became more discernible to our professional colleagues and museum directors.

ARC has laid its foundations within the museum profession and continues to achieve its aims of representing and promoting the role of registrars and registration practices in cultural institutions both on a national and international level.

In April 2007 the ARC adopted a name change to Australasian Registrars Committee formally including New Zealand within the scope of its membership and activities. The Committee is dedicated to encouraging the professional development of members by providing forums for exchanging ideas and expertise between registrars, collection managers and professionals in related fields in museums.