New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office/Te Tari Tohutohu Pāremata

The New Zealand Parliamentary Counsel Office/Te Tari Tohutohu Pāremata (PCO) is responsible for drafting and publishing most of New Zealand’s legislation. The PCO is New Zealand’s law drafting office. It is responsible for drafting New Zealand Government Bills (except Inland Revenue Bills) and Legislative Instruments and publishing all New Zealand Bills, Acts, and Legislative Instruments, both in hard copy and online on the New Zealand Legislation website.

Here are some relevant pieces of legislation for Australasian Registrars Committee members:

Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008

The Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act (2008) amended the Copyright Act 1994 to bring the law into step with technological advances. The new legislation provides a more technology-neutral framework for existing copyright law and introduces some new copyright concepts. View the Act

Arms Legislation Act 2020 and Arms Act 1983

The Arms Legislation Act (2020) amends the Arms Act 1983 requiring New Zealand museums to hold a ‘Dealer’s licence’ to collect, hold and display arms. Links to the 2021 NZ Police Q&A sheet and YouTube zui (recording duration 56 mins approx.) related the changes can be found on the Museums Aotearoa webpage here

View the Arms Legislation Act 2020

View the Arms Act 1983

Taonga Tūturu Protected Objects Act 1975

The Protected Objects Act (1975) previously known as the Antiquities Act came into force in 2006. The Act regulates the export of protected New Zealand objects; the illegal export and import of protected New Zealand and foreign objects; the sale, trade and ownership of taonga tūturu, including what to do if you find a taonga or Māori artefact. Schedule Four of the Act lists the categories of protected objects covered. The Act also incorporates the UNESCO Convention 1970 and the UNIDROIT Convention.

View the Protected Objects Act

Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978

View the Marine Mammals Protection Act

Wildlife Act 1953

View the Wildlife Act 


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